Canva - What will inspire you today?

From chore charts to IG images - Canva has all the tools you need to create absolutely anything!

By Kelly Kerr July 8, 2021

Canva starts with a simple question - one that has endless possibilities: "What would you like to create?" 

Actual Canva screenshot

With, there really is no limit - and they make it so easy for you create some amazing things. 

Whether you are momming-so-hard and creating chore charts and meal plans this summer, or your pandemic side-hustle is taking off and you are ready to wow your IG followers with some serious content, Canva is the place to make all your designing dreams come true. 

It's super user-friendly and it's free! 

Keeping up with our  reading & writing skills over summer with easy printables!

I was first introduced to Canva through my fellow publisher moms with Macaroni KID. It took just a few steps to create the proper-sized images for all the content that we were including in our newsletters. It was fun and just so dang easy to use that I began creating some really cute graphics and ad options for clients - I actually impressed myself!  

There are a few things that I absolutely love about Canva:

1- They help get you started. If I ever need an idea, a template, or an image to spark inspiration, Canva has not let me down.

2- It saves your project automatically. This has been a saving grace of mine - multiple times! When I am trying to work I usually hear "mom" in about 14,000 different ways, but when I need to drop everything to change a blowout diaper or clean up a spill, I am so thankful that the progress is saved and I can just pick it back up whenever and wherever.. which brings me to my next point:

3-  You can seamlessly work on your designs on any computer OR your phone.  

Did you get nominated to create the next scout or dance event flyer? No worries- with Canva, you can do it while waiting in the car line!

They have hundreds of thousands of templates, photos, graphic elements, fonts, videos, and animation effects - all for FREE! 

The Canva site is so easy to use, you can either follow the step-by-step intro tutorial for a walk-through or literally jump right into creating and you can figure it out along the way! They have videos and tutorials that you can reference any time.

But don't just take my word for it...Macaroni KID asked, and our fellow moms/dads/fur parents/business owners and teachers have answered what they think about Canva:

So.. where will you take it from here? 

Check out Canva today - for free!

I have been compensated for my honest review of Canva. All thoughts and opinions are my own.